WTFFF 422: 3D Printed Shoes by Feetz, with Lucy Beard

January 26, 2017

We had the opportunity to hear Lucy speak in San Diego at the Inside 3D Printing conference last December. We were really impressed with her. We went up to her after her talk and asked her to be a guest on the show, and was more than happy to do it. Lucy was requested by Eduardo Martini via Facebook, he saw the online promo video for their shoes and suggested her as a guest. We’ve been looking for female CEOs in the 3D printing world, and she certainly is one. What we really loved about her, which is why we were so eager to get her on the show and walked right up to her after the talk, was that she’s meticulous and has analyzed and researched every single aspect of their business, how they’re touching it, and how 3D printing works and everything about it.

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