Zero Waste, Made-to-Measure, 3D Printed Bomber Jackets Available To Buy

3D Printing Danit Peleg

FashNerd first wrote about Danit Peleg back in 2015. We explored how after 9 months of research and development the designer was able to come up with a 5-piece collection that she 3D printed at home. She did this using FilaFlex filament & Witbox home printers, it took Peleg over 2000 hours to print, working out at about 400 hours per outfit. Now the Tel Aviv, Israel-based fashion designer has launched a made-to-measure 3D Printed jacket that you can purchase online.

Zero Waste, Made-to-Measure, 3D Printed Bomber Jackets Available To Buy

When it comes to the drive behind lightweight, customizable bomber jacket Peleg shared, “I feel like in order to push technology, you have to do things. We’ve been stuck to small production of one-of-a-kind runway clothes and I feel we should change it in 2017.” Bragging zero-waste, the jacket is printed to measure using a special virtual fitting app called Nettelo. Priced $1,500, Peleg confessed to Fashionista that it was the best price she could come up with given the time and materials required for production. She also added that it takes about 100 hours to print one jacket, so she will only be doing a limited run of 100 jackets.

As Danit Peleg continues to push the envelope in the 3D printing space, her work brings us closer to the realization that some day we could all be printing our own clothes from home, now that would be something!

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Shop and customize your own Zero Waste, Made-to-Measure, 3D Printed Bomber Jacket here.

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